Dwight Howard Has A Brilliant Master Plan To Screw Over The Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard

Photo: AP Images

Dwight Howard has wanted out of Orlando for months.But last night, he told the world that he wanted to finish the season with the Magic and compete for a championship this year.

Here’s why he said that (it’s not because he wants to stay there):

Howard is hell bent on joining forces with Deron Williams and playing in Brooklyn next year, according to a Yahoo! report by Adrian Wojnarowski yesterday. But if he forced a trade to the Nets now, the deal would probably look something like Howard and Hedo Turkoglu for Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, Johan Petro, and some assorted draft picks. On the other hand, if he was able to sign in free agency, the Nets would be able to keep Brooks and trade Lopez for a quality wing player.

Here’s what the rosters might look like:

  • If the Nets trade for him: Howard, Williams, Turkoglu, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmer, Shawne Williams, and various bench players.
  • If the Nets sign him: Howard, Williams, Brooks, whatever quality third-scoring option that they get for Lopez, Morrow, Farmer, Williams, and various bench players.

Option A doesn’t have a chance to contend in the Eastern Conference next season. Option B does. And that’s why Howard wants to play out the season in Orlando.

If you’re the Magic, you could call Howard’s bluff and trade him to make sure you don’t lose him for nothing. Or they can get eaten up by Howard’s master plan, hold on to him, pray that he takes the additional $28 million that Orlando can offer him in summer, and ultimately see him sign with the Nets like he planned to all along.

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