REPORT: Dwight Howard Is Staying In Orlando For One More Season

Dwight Howard

Photo: AP Images

WFTV in Orlando is reporting the Dwight Howard has decided to not opt out of his contract this summer, meaning he will stay in Orlando for the 2012-13 season.Dwight has an Early Termination Option on his contract after this season. He was expected to either opt out and sign with another team, or sign an extension with the Magic for $28 million more than any other team could offer him.

But apparently there is a third option: Dwight will not opt out, and play out the final year of his contract next year.

Sam Amick reports that Dwight has told teammates he will stay another year, but not Magic management.

Be weary of this one, everyone. Nothing’s official until either Dwight or Magic management confirm it.

If this is how it goes down, we’ll go through this exact Dwight Howard melodrama next year. Woot!

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