Dwight Howard Brought A 9-Year-Old To Tears On Extreme Home Makeover

Orlando Magic centre Dwight Howard seems like one of the good guys in all of sports, and his recent act of kindness will only add to this reputation. Howard took time out of his not-so-busy schedule, thanks to the NBA lockout, to make an appearance on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this past Sunday night.

The show’s premise is this—each week a deserving family has their house completely rebuilt by host Ty Pennington and his crew. The Sunday episode revolved around 9-year-old Anaiah Rucker of Georgia, who tragically lost her leg and is currently wheelchair bound after being hit by a car in February. Rucker was struck by the vehicle after heroically pushing her younger sister out of the path of the oncoming car.

From the Orlando Sentinel

The accident left Anaiah in a wheelchair, and her family’s old house in Madison, Georgia, isn’t wheelchair-friendly. Anaiah, her sister, her mother and her grandmother – who were struggling financially before the medical bills – have been living in a rental home since the accident.

The people at Extreme Makover: Home Edition offered to build the Rucker family a new home, fly them to Disney World for vacation and let Anaiah meet Howard, her favourite basketball player.

Here’s the video…

Is it just me, or did it get really dusty in here?

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