The Lakers Are Reportedly Starting To Worry That Dwight Howard Is Going To Bolt And Leave $30 Million On The Table

dwight howard los angeles lakers

Dwight Howard is expected to make his free agency decision today, according to multiple reports throughout the week. 

Here’s the latest:

1. The Lakers are starting to worry that he won’t re-sign with LA, reports ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelbourne. Part of their worry is reportedly that Dwight doesn’t want to play with Kobe Bryant, and doesn’t want to be coached by Mike D’Antoni. He would have to leave $30 million on the table if he wants to leave LA.

2. It sounds like the Lakers would be willing to work a sign-and-trade. They’ve previously said they wouldn’t do that — most likely to keep their cap sheet clean for the summer of 2014. But Stein and Shelbourne reported last night that the team might be rethinking that position.

3. The Golden State Warriors are furiously trying to clear cap space so they can sign Dwight. According to ESPN, Golden State is trying to trade Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins, and Richardson Jefferson so they could acquire Howard without losing one of their good young players in a sign-and-trade.

4. The consensus is that the Rockets are the favourites. Most NBA reporters seem to think Houston is the frontrunner. Vegas agrees.

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