Dwight Howard Toys With Celtics Fans By Suggesting He’d Be Open To Signing With Boston

Dwight Howard

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With how ridiculously nutty the Dwight Howard trade rumours have gotten, including the stupid Knicks chatter, everyone seems to be forgetting the increasingly likely possibility that the Orlando Magic won’t trade their superstar and he instead leaves via free agency this summer.With big salaries like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen coming off the books after this season, the Boston Celtics will have plenty of money to offer Howard.

Enter the Boston Herald‘s dream scenario of being able to cover Howard in a C’s uniform (via CBS Sports):

“Always. Always,” Howard told the Herald. “I’d always listen to a team like that.

“My thing is I want to win. It’s not something like I’m doing this for money. I win. I want to do it my way.”

Earlier reports have stated that Howard’s preferred destinations include the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. That didn’t keep the three-time defending defensive player of the year from having some fun at some Beantown reporter’s expense, though.

“You know,” said Howard, “you look at a team like Boston and look at a team like LA who’s won . . . especially Boston. Man, those guys came together and they didn’t care who scored all the points. They had done all the individual stuff.


“They have the championship mentality,” he said of the Celts. “It means a lot. Like I said, I like the team. They play hard and they go after it, and that’s what I like.”

Howard keeps saying winning championships will be the primary factor in his decision, but if that were the case, and becoming a cross-over megastar wasn’t, Orlando and Chicago would be higher up on his list of desired destinations.

He is NOT going to Boston. Bank on it.