Dwight Howard Is Hosting A Ridiculous Party For All-Star Weekend

dwight howard orlando magic

Dwight Howard isn’t vain enough to actively attempt to secure sponsors for his All-Star Weekend party on Friday night, but he’s still going to make some cash off the event. 

Early bird tickets to his “Larger Than Life” party at the Highlands in Hollywood are currently on sale for $70, but the actual “Larger Than Life” package is going for $20,000.

Ticket packages increase from “General Admission” to “VIP Admission” to “All-NBA Team Package” and all the way up to the “Larger Than Life Package” and the only discernible difference is in the number of tickets and number of “bottles of premium liquor” and “Ace of Spades champagne.”

Howard is co-hosting the party with Antonio Cromartie of the Jets and Willis McGahee of the Ravens.  Cromartie’s wife is one of several semi-nude models pictured on the party’s Web site.

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