DVD Players To Outsell Blu-ray Players This Year

The sad state of Blu-ray: Despite much hype and (finally) shrinking price tags, last decade’s technology is still winning.

NYT: The Consumer Electronics Association predicts that North American consumers will spend $1.3 billion on Blu-ray players in 2009, outpacing the projected $1.2 billion that will be spent on regular DVD players, although Blu-ray players are two to three times more expensive.

That means that DVD players — which many of us have spares of, collecting dust in closets — will still significantly outsell Blu-ray players this year.

The question: Whether Blu-ray player unit sales will ever outpace DVD player sales, or whether via cable and gadgets like Netflix-capable TVs, consumers will favour Internet-based movie consumption instead.

Telling: Even Sony (SNE) is starting to think about life after/instead of Blu-ray — it’s advertising its PlayStation3 as a “movie downloading machine” — instead of as a Blu-ray player.

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