DVD Sales Slump Hits TV

Sales of TV shows on DVD, which have been strong in the past few years even as overall DVD sales slowed, are now dropping as well. Last year sales of TV shows on DVD increased 17 per cent; so far this year they are up just 6%. The NYT notes this in passing in its story, which focuses instead on how DVD sales are “giving network executives renewed faith in the format and prompting some experimentation.”

But Hollywood is most concerned about what’s happened to the overall DVD market, which it has long been dependent on. Overall DVD sales have been slowing for years, and last year they dropped 7 per cent. Hollywood has known this was coming, and has been banking on new high definition DVDs to rekindle demand. But a format war between Sony (Blu Ray) and Toshiba (HD) has kept most consumers from buying new players and discs, even as they snap up High-def TVs. NYT