This 'burrito' folding hack makes putting a duvet on your bed effortless

The INSIDER Summary:

• Duvet covers are hard to get on.
• The “burrito” method makes it surprisingly easy.

• All you need to do is roll up your duvet. 

• The Meredith Vieira Show showed audiences how it’s done.

If you have ever struggled with a duvet cover, you’re not alone.

Luckily, there’s a trick that’s been making its way around the internet for a few years, often called the “burrito” technique, because it involves rolling the duvet cover with the blanket.

It’s hard to explain in words, so here’s how it looks like in a clip from The Meredith Vieira Show  — which was sadly canceled after two seasons.

First, invert your duvet cover and lay it on the mattress. Make sure the opening is at the foot of the bed. Then lay the comforter on top, so it all looks like this:

Roll it all together to the other end of the bed.

Once it’s rolled up, stuff the ends into the duvet cover. It sounds confusing, but it should look like this:

Now fold in the rest of the cover, so it’s enclosed.

Zip it up (or button it up, whatever the case may be).

Then just roll it back out.

… and you have a perfect duvet on your bed.

Still confused? Watch the full video from The Meredith Vieira Show on YouTube:

Laundry day just got a whole lot simpler. 

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