Dutch Prime Minister To Offer Resignation After Austerity Talks Fail

mark rutte

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is to offer his resignation to the queen after his coalition fell apart, Reuters reports.A coalition between Rutte’s Freedom and Democracy party and far-right leader Geert Wilders fell apart on Saturday over austerity talks, with Wilders saying EU demands were too hard.

Rutte’s resignation will force new elections, putting the Netherlands’ AAA credit rating at risk.

One economist gave an optimistic take to the AFP:

Thomas Cool, former economist at the Dutch central statistics office said any change would not damage the Dutch economy on a broader scale.

Cool said he believed the Dutch government would resign and as a parting shot leave a budget cut proposal that would fall within the EU’s deficit demands.

Still it’s another sign that right wing euroskeptics are rising in core Europe.

Right wingers also stunned France this weekend >

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