Watch ANOTHER Soccer Team Drop Their Brand New Trophy From A Moving Bus

For the second time in two months, a championship winning soccer team has dropped their new trophy from a moving vehicle during a victory parade.

This time, AFC Ajax of Amsterdam committed the blunder.

Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg was holding the large silver Dutch League Championship plate through a hatch in the roof of the large bus the team was travelling on. The bus passed under some suspended tram lines which knocked the trophy right out of the goalkeepers hands.

Check out the video below:

Luckily for the team, and especially the goalie, the trophy rolled away from another large bus that was within feet of crushing it. An Ajax supporter picked up the trophy as soon as it stopped rolling around on the ground and he then nonchalantly handed it back to the team.

Last month, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos dropping Spain’s Copa del Rey trophy, except in that their trophy was actually crushed by a team bus.

Ajax won the title on Sunday with their 3-1 win over FC Twente.