Here’s The Real Story Behind The NHL Star Who Got Hurt Eating Pancakes His Wife Made Him

jessica welch and dustin penner

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We told you about NHL player Dustin Penner’s “pancake injury” earlier this week. Penner became an overnight sensation because of the story, and now he’s come back to tell us the real story.He wrote a column for explaining what really happened, naming the whole incident “Pancakegate.”

“…they were vegetarian pancakes. The injury happened as I was sitting down to eat, not mid-bite. And yes, I did finish them.”

And then he explained his injury could happen to anyone, anytime:

“First and foremost, I think we can agree that having delicious pancakes that your wife made for breakfast, for a 1pm game, is not out of the norm. Secondly, “SOBS” (Sudden Onset Back Spasms) can occur at any moment, doing just about anything you can think of, and is a very serious issue.

Those who have experienced “SOBS,” know it is no laughing matter. I’m a little hurt, to tell you the truth, that the plight of my people isn’t being taken seriously.”

But overall, Penner was a great sport about the ridicule, and he’s even using it for a good cause:

“In closing, for those who know how to laugh and find humour in life I hope they’ve enjoyed this as much as I did.

In an effort to end the entire experience on a high note, I’m partnering with MayorsManor to sponsor a ‘Pancakes with Penner’ breakfast. In the weeks to come we’ll be setting up a special raffle. Fans will be able to purchase tickets for $1.00 for a chance to have a pancake breakfast with me. All the money raised will go to charity…while we enjoy some delicious pancakes!”

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