Facebook Cofounder Disses Yammer By Saying It Looks Like Facebook

Dustin Moskowitz Asana cofounder

Photo: Flickr, davemc500hats

Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz is doing a little trash talking about his competition.Moskovitz’s current project, Asana, aims to make it easier to split up work tasks. As such, it competes with companies like Yammer, Salesforce.com, and Jive.

“The first time I looked at Yammer, I thought I was on Facebook,” Moskovitz told the New York Times. “Work is not a social network, with serendipitous communications and photo collections. Work is about managing tasks, and responding to things quickly.”

Moskovitz seems to have figured out that he’s in the business of enterprise software, where trash-talking the competition is much more popular than in we-love-everybody-and-have-no-competitors consumer Web-startup land.

We’ve asked Yammer CEO David Sacks for a response. Should be good.

Other nuggets from the NYT’s Asana profile:

  • Moskovitz’s title at Asana is “Asana.” So is everyone else’s. It means “easeful posture” in Sanskrit.
  • Moskovitz makes $33,280 a year, rather than the token $1 salary some wealthy tech CEOs opt for, on his lawyers’ advice.
  • There’s no foosball at Asana. But there is a game of Twister.

Read the New York Times profile of Dustin Moskovitz’s Asana >>

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