Golf legend Phil Mickelson loves to troll players who haven’t won the Masters. Dustin Johnson got revenge after his win.

Dustin Johnson Phil Mickelson
Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson. Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images
  • Phil Mickelson is a deft trash-talker on the golf course.
  • Mickelson used to joke with Dustin Johnson about missing the champions’ dinner at the Masters.
  • When Johnson finally won the green jacket in November, he turned the tables on Mickelson.
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Phil Mickelson knows his way around Augusta National.

As a three-time Masters champion, Mickelson has navigated the tricky course as well as anyone not named Tiger, and thanks to his green jacket wins, he is a member of one of the most exclusive clubs in golf.

Mickelson’s also a savvy trash-talker, so it’s no surprise that he would use that status to his advantage, poking fun at his fellow pros on the course.

According to Golf Digest, Mickelson regularly needled the No. 1-ranked Dustin Johnson about his lack of Masters victories.

On the Tuesday before the Masters begins, the tournament’s former winners gather together for a traditional dinner hosted by the reigning champion. Leading up to the event, Mickelson would joke with those who had yet to win a green jacket, asking, “Hey, do you have any dinner plans tonight?”

Johnson fell for the bit more than once.

Thankfully for Johnson, he dominated the field at the Masters in November to win the green jacket in blowout fashion.

He finally gained entry into the exclusive club that Mickelson had held over his head.

According to Golf Digest, Johnson made time on the Sunday night after his win to text Mickelson with some revenge: “I know what I’m doing for dinner next year on Tuesday, motherf—–,” he wrote.

Johnson hosted the champions’ dinner in 2021, serving pigs in a blanket and lobster and corn fritters as appetizers and an entrée of the players’ choice of prime filet mignon or miso-marinated sea bass.

After years of falling for fake dinner plans from Mickelson, Johnson got to set the menu. Revenge is a dish best served cold.