Duracell, The Company That Makes Batteries, Wants To Compete With $US10 Billion Dropbox

Every day it seems that more companies want to be the next Dropbox and Box by offering you cloud storage.

The latest one caught our eye because the company is better known for making batteries: Duracell.

It’s standing out from the crowd by combining an old-fashioned hard drive that you would pick up at the store with unlimited cloud storage.

For $US20 per month, you’ll get a 1 terabyte hard drive and unlimited cloud storage, the company says. Business-tier service starts at $US199 and comes with a 2 TB local drive and unlimited cloud storage.

To compare, Dropbox offers 2GB of storage for free. For $US10 per month, their “Pro” plan gives you to 100 GB and $US15 gets small businesses unlimited storage.

While local storage does have its advantages — Duracell’s website claims that using its network drive can make backups “up to 1000x faster” — it’s unclear if consumers will be willing to pay for something that from a non-techie perspective looks like a more complex setup than simply having a Dropbox folder on each computer.

Andy Vuong at the Denver Post reports that Duracell plans to entice customers by following the cell phone model: offering the physical drive for free in stores by having users commit to the paid service upfront.

Why would a battery company want to get into the crowded cloud storage market at all? Vuong spoke to Shep Gerrish, director of new-business development for Duracell, says its a way to expand on the company’s well-known brand name.

“Duracell Cloud Storage safely and securely stores all the data that is created from the devices that Duracell helps power — digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones, laptops, etc.”

Beyond expanding its brand, Duracell has another reason to pursue this new market. Cloud storage is starting to create some huge new companies: just this month, we’ve learned that Dropbox is currently valued at almost $US10 billion and Box is worth about $US2 billion and has secretly filed for an IPO,

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