'Dunkirk' edges out 'The Emoji Movie' to win the US weekend box office

Dunkirk 2 Warner Bros finalWarner Bros.‘Dunkirk.’

It was the adults versus the kids at the box office this weekend — and the adults won!

Warner Bros.’ “Dunkirk” and Sony’s “The Emoji Movie” were neck and neck the entire weekend, but “Dunkirk” has taken the weekend with an estimated $US28.1 million, according to Variety.

Christopher Nolan’s World War II intimate epic also won the weekend last week, and has now earned over $US100 million domestically. While “The Emoji Movie” has defied the odds of sporting a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes going into the weekend (it currently sits at 8%) but still competing for the top spot.

The animated movie that follows the antics of a meh emoji (voiced by T.J. Miller) won the Friday box office with $US10 million. But it looks like the adult-catered IMAX war epic overpowered the kids showing up at the matinees to see talking emojis. “The Emoji Movie” came in second place with $US25.7 million.

The emoji movie sonySony‘The Emoji Movie.’

Sony can’t complain with the movie’s performance, which could have been disastrous.

It wasn’t good news for Focus Features’ ultraviolent “Atomic Blonde.” The Cold War-era spy movie starring Charlize Theron and a lot of butt-kicking fight scenes underperformed this weekend, taking in only $US18.5 million.

The feel-good story of the last two weeks has been the surprise performance of Universal’s raunchy comedy “Girls Trip.” Taking in $US20.1 million to place third this weekend, the movie only had a 36% drop in ticket sales from last weekend, a fantastic second-week outing. It also adds to Universal’s impressive year, which is close behind Disney for the top-earning studio of 2017.

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