Dunkin’ Doughnuts lashes out at McDonald’s with a shady tweet after the fast-food chain launches Doughnut Sticks

Dunkin’s Doughnut Fries. Dunkin’ Doughnuts
  • Dunkin’ is throwing shade at McDonald’sDoughnut Sticks on Twitter.
  • On Monday, Dunkin’ posted a mockup of doughnuts in a McDonald’s-style box, commenting: “@McDonalds came out with Doughnut Sticks, and we just released the blueprints to our new doughnut packaging…”
  • McDonald’s launched Doughnut Sticks nationally in late February, following Dunkin’s 2018 launch of Doughnut Fries.

Dunkin’ Doughnut is throwing shade over McDonald’s Doughnut Sticks.

On Monday, the doughnut and coffee chain tweeted: “What a weird coincidence… @McDonalds came out with Doughnut Sticks, and we just released the blueprints to our new doughnut packaging…”

In an image included in the tweet, Dunkin’s doughnuts are packaged in boxes reminiscent of McDonald’s burger packaging.

“This was just for fun in reaction to competitors imitating our success with Doughnut Fries; a good-natured reminder that America runs on Dunkin’ coffee and doughnuts,” a Dunkin’ representative said in a statement to Business Insider.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Dunkin’s tweet.

McDonald’s added Doughnut Sticks to the menu in late February, after testing the breakfast-only menu item in 2018.

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The Doughnut Sticks are similar in many ways to Dunkin’s Doughnut Fries, which the chain rolled out nationally as a limited-time offering in June.According to Dunkin’ Brands CEO David Hoffman, Doughnut Fries “quickly became one of the best-performing limited-time offer bakery items in recent brand history.”

Both Dunkin’ Doughnuts and McDonald’s are battling for breakfast dominance.

McDonald’s recently started adding new breakfast items to the menu for the first time in years, as rivals eat into the fast-food chain’s breakfast sales. By making Doughnut Sticks available only at breakfast, the chain aims to build customer loyalty by becoming part of people’s morning routine.

Dunkin’, meanwhile, is attempting to build up its drinks business as it moves beyond doughnuts. Earlier this year, the chain rebranded to “Dunkin’,” dropping the “Doughnuts” from its name as it doubles down on espresso-based drinks.