A Huge American Doughnut Brand Is Returning To Britain

Dunkin DoughnutsREUTERS/Mario AnzuoniDunkin Doughnuts

Roughly 20 years after its first failed attempt to make it in the UK, Dunkin’ Doughnuts is having another go.

As reported by The Telegraph newspaper, Nigel Travis, the CEO of the Massachusetts-based company, was in London this weekend as part of the first stage of a world tour looking for expansion sites, everywhere from Spain to China to Australia.

Doughnuts are big in the US and are slowly gaining ground with Britons. Travis believes this time around, the company has learned from its past failure: “We failed the first time because we focused on central London where rents were just too high. This time we are starting out on the outskirts of London,” he told The Telegraph.

This year, Dunkin Doughnuts opened five stores, including one Harrow, North London, which is apparently “doing very well.”

WH Smith, one of the UK’s biggest booksellers, has agreed to sell the doughnuts in five underground stations in London, including busy Paddington and Euston. Dunkin Doughnuts ultimately plans to open 144 shops across the UK, The Telegraph said.

“The trick to expansion for a new brand is airports, train stations and motorways — high footfall areas to give us brand presence,” Travis told The Independent.

The doughnut shop is in talks with with Spring Petroleum, a Yorkshire-based gas station, to sell doughnuts in 25 stores in the northeast of England.

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