Ridiculous Glazed doughnut Sandwich At Dunkin' doughnuts Isn't That Bad For You

The new doughnut sandwich by Dunkin’ doughnuts

Dunkin’ doughnuts is one fast food chain that isn’t worried about offering healthier options this summer. 

The chain will add a doughnut breakfast sandwich to its national menu this week, according to the company’s website.

While the components of the “savory and sweet breakfast treat” make it seem like a heart-stopper, Dunkin’ doughnut patrons may be surprised to learn the coming 360-calorie sandwich has 30 fewer calories than the newly released turkey sausage sandwich, according the The Associated Press.

The sandwich consists of a fried egg and bacon inside a split glazed doughnut and will be available June 7 on National doughnut Day.

The sandwich created buzz in April when Dunkin’ began testing in eastern Massachusetts.

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