There's A Good Reason Why Dunkin's Glazed doughnut Breakfast Sandwich Won't Be A Permanent Fixture

Dunkin doughnut Sandwich


glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich promotion has already ended at Dunkin’ doughnuts, but if you never tried one, don’t feel you missed out on something special.Business Insider tried the sandwich this morning, and we were completely underwhelmed. 

The promotional item had already disappeared from the menu when we stopped by our local outpost this morning.

However — in one of the best fast-food customer service stories ever — the employees said it was no problem to recreate the sandwich for us, and did so with smiles.

Unfortunately, the quality of service was much better than the sandwich itself.

The fried egg and bacon inside a split glazed doughnut just misses the “savory and sweet breakfast treat” description Dunkin’ doughnuts peddled it with in June.

It is savory and sweet, but you don’t always get those in the same bite.

The first bite of the sandwich contained a blend of the sweet-salty flavours, and was exactly what we expected out of the sandwich.

But the doughnut’s glaze, the source of the sandwich’s sweetness, became less recognisable as we ate it. Halfway through the sandwich, if you still want to taste the sweet alongside the savory, you have to lick your glaze-covered fingers. That shouldn’t be necessary and is unsightly.

The glazed doughnut sandwich is still in the upper stratum of fast-food breakfast options, but falls short of other sweet and savory items, such as McDonald’s McGriddle sandwiches.

The bottom line: If you didn’t get one of the sandwiches during their brief shelf-life, don’t feel like you missed out.

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