WATCH: Snow In Seattle Brings Out The Dumbest Drivers In The World

While some winter driving boils down to luck, a bigger part is being properly prepared and then using common sense to correctly judge conditions.

In snow, which wheels are driven always takes a back seat to the tires equipped on the car. A Miata with snow tires will make it through tough conditions with aplomb while a Jeep with regular tires can skid and slide endlessly.

This video from Seattle is perfect evidence that even the smallest amount of snow will shut down an entire road to the unprepared.

Why these people feel the need to drive ill-equipped cars in a snow storm and up a hill is beyond us. Keep an eye out for a Subaru Outback that was obviously prepped for the conditions. It makes a speedy appearance.

Also, we cannot think of more appropriate music for this video; kudos to the editor.

Check out the escapades below (YouTube via Jalopnik):

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