One of the best shooters ever is back for its 20th anniversary

It’s 1996. You’re probably doing the Macarena while making jokes about how Bob Dole refers to himself in the third person. You saw “Independence Day” multiple times in theatres. Life is good.

If you had a computer and liked video games, you probably also came across “Duke Nukem 3D.” The classic first-person shooter had a crude, referential sense of humour to go along with its many technological innovations.

If you want to relive your glory days or revisit a piece of gaming history you missed at the time, you’re in luck: “Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour” is coming to Xbox One and PS4 in October.

Duke nukem 3d
Unlike the first two ‘DOOM’ games, ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ allowed players to look up and down. Gearbox

This new edition of the game will have all of the original levels from the 1996 classic, as well as eight all-new levels designed by two of the game’s original designers. It will even have new music from original composer Lee Jackson and new one-liners from Jon St. John, the long-time voice of Duke.

Players will be able to swap between new, updated visuals and the game’s original look on-the-fly. Commentary from the original developers will also give new insights into its creation. 

“Duke Nukem 3D” was known for its innuendo-filled sense of humour, which contributed to the moral panic over video games in the 1990s. Duke Nukem himself is a pastiche of action movie heroes of the era, with most of his dialogue being mis-quoted lines from movies like “The Evil Dead.”

It also had sprawling, non-linear levels, the ability to fly around with a jetpack and some truly classic weapons. DukeMatch was one of the more popular ways to blast your friends in the faces back in the early days of online multiplayer, but it’s not yet known if this new version of the game includes multiplayer.

“Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour” launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 11. Check out the trailer below: 

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