DUBAILAND: The World’s Biggest Amusement Park Will Resume Construction Soon


Twice the size of Disney World, Dubailand embodied everything you know about pre-recession Dubai.

Three years later Dubai is a different place, with tumbling real estate values and wide-spread commercial and residential vacancies. Nevertheless, they’re getting ready to restart development for this entertainment monstrosity.

Khalid Al Malik of Dubai Properties Group tells Arabian Business: “Dubailand is currently in the process of evaluating new projects. [DPG is] “negotiating a couple of [major new deals] this year… So we want at least two to four to be announced this year, as much as we can. They are relating to the kind of designs we had for Dubailand at the start; it could be tourism, themes of the kind of entertainment stuff we want.”

Another developer, Mohi-Din BinHendi, is convinced that Dubai needs a Disneyland (the world’s tallest building, globe-shaped man-made islands, gaga malls and indoor ski slopes) to compete for tourists: “We need an entertainment anchor for the family, something like Disney but not Disney. If we have a project like this in Dubai, we have an anchor for the whole of the world,” he told Arabian Business. “There is a big gap between Euro Disney and Tokyo Disney. There is a craving for an entertainment anchor [in this region].”

 Just how big will Dubailand be? Check out this map from the park website:


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