Dubai Crown Prince Says Parachuting, Horseriding And Diving Have Prepared Him For Leadership

Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum


What’s it like to grow up the son of a wildly ostentatious royal billionaire?Dubai crown prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, 28, says he learned to be an effective leader through hobbies from skydiving to poetry.

Here are some roughly translated excerpts from a rare new personal interview (via @hammonda1). On hobbies:

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has several hobbies to play an important role in shaping and refining his leadership, because those hobbies that exercised by the Crown Prince of Dubai are the hobbies of leadership in the foundation. For example, the hobby of parachute jumping from aircraft to learn the courage and bravery and self-confidence, and the hobby horse riding learn leadership and a major focus, along with scuba diving, you learn patience and the search for secrets, all of these hobbies give Hamdan bin Mohammed major role in formulation of the outlook for the Emirate of Dubai, and the payment of development plans in the emirate forward always.

On childhood:

And the period of his childhood, he said, “I have lived childhood delighted, along with my father and my mother and my brothers and I grew up in an environment that allowed me to get to know the true meaning of life, and meditate on the greatness of the Creator and the natural beauty of the desert, which gives a sense of harmony and consistency with nature, all contributed in building my character poetry since childhood, on the other hand taught me and my father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, from a young age that hard work guarantees conquering the impossible, and that life is not taken only Glaba. “

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