A Mobile Service Provider Reveals The One Thing Its Technology Can't Replace In This Powerful New Ad

In a world where technology permeates nearly every part of our lives and smartphones are glued to our hands, we sometimes forget the things that really matter in life; things like family, love, and human interaction.

A mobile service provider in Thailand, DTAC, created this emotional spot with the help of Y&R to remind people of the simple fact that love is more important than any gadget.

This ad comes after a number of highly emotional campaigns from Thailand like this life insurance ad or this mobile company’s ad.

The spot stars a screaming baby and a clueless, most likely first time father. As the baby cries and cries the helpless dad frantically reaches for his smartphone and calls his wife for help.

The mum suggests a few ways to stop the screams including a penguin video and a quick video peek-a-boo session, but nothing seems to help. The dad finally thinks of a way to comfort the baby towards the end of the spot.

Take a look at what he does.

It seems odd that a phone company would completely diss its own products in a promotional ad, but DTAC shows here that they care about their customers and they realise that technology can’t solve everything.

The emotional spot already has over 7.5 million views on YouTube and ends with the line “Technology will never replace love,” a seemingly simple idea that we all seem to forget from time to time.

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