REPORT: DSK Used Words Like 'Luggage' And 'Gifts' To Describe Women At Sex Parties

This report won’t do much for DSK’s reputation…

The NY Post reports that in text messages with friends, the former International Monetary Fund head used words like “luggage” and “gifts” to refer to women that attended sex parties with him.

This probably won’t help Strauss-Kahn’s assertion that he was “naive” and didn’t know that the women were paid to be at the parties.

From The Post:

“Do you want to (can you?) come to a great sexy nightclub in Madrid with me (and some equipment) on July 4?” Strauss-Kahn wrote in a text message to a businessman friend who also was charged.

He admitted that using these words to objectify the scores of women “not very sophisticated”, but that there were just too many of them to list them all.

So yeah, expediency.

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