DSK To Resign Today, French Blog Says


Dominique Strauss-Kahn will announce his resignation as Managing Director of the IMF in the next few hours, according to French blog Atlantico, citing a French diplomatic cable.

According to Atlantico, France’s consul general in New York saw “DSK”, as he is better known, in custody, as part of the diplomatic protection enjoyed by French citizens overseas, and cites a cable sent from the consulate as saying DSK will announce his resignation soon.

Even if the allegations of sexual assault against him are completely unfounded, it’s likely that DSK will be dealing with them full time for several months, while the IMF is needed on many fronts, with bailouts in Europe and elsewhere proceeding apace.

When DSK was Finance Minister in the late 1990s and implicated in a corruption scandal, he resigned and was later cleared by the courts. With his good name restored, his resignation was viewed in retrospect by some as an act of courage and integrity.

Atlantico is a journalistic organisation but we haven’t seen the news anywhere else so this might not pan out at all.

Meanwhile, as some in France believe the accusations are a plot against him orchestrated by the French right, more details emerge of the case against DSK, even as previous allegations of assault and sexual impropriety resurface.