Here’s What Will Happen If DSK Leaves Rikers Today: 4 Strip Searches And Isolation At Courthouse

strauss kahn dsk court
Dominique Strauss-Kahn during his arraignment with lawyer Ben Brafman.

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The litany of humiliating events for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, charged with 6 counts of sexual assault, shows no sign of abating.Early this morning, the Daily News published a photo of the former IMF chief wearing a blue suicide prevention smock, that the French press refuses to run.

Now every single time he leaves and enters Rikers Island and the courthouse in Lower Manhattan, he has to undergo multiple strip searches.

“Prison brass and the NYPD have an airtight plan to safeguard [DSK] by having him isolated, chained, shackled — and repeatedly strip-searched — before and after court appearances,” the New York Post reported.

Basically every time Strauss-Kahn leaves Rikers, he’s in for four strip-searches.

He’ll be searched when he leaves Rikers Island; he’ll be searched when he arrives at the courthouse; he’ll be searched again when he leave the court; and he’ll be searched one final time when he’s back at Rikers.

This is a process he will likely undergo today — there’s a hearing in Manhattan regarding his bail. It’s not confirmed whether DSK will appear in court or not, however.

Also, DSK is being kept separate from other inmates awaiting a hearing at the courthouse, out of concerns he’ll be attacked.

“When he arrives to the courthouse, he’s going to be put in an isolated cell away from other inmates. This is for fear that another inmate would try to kill him to make a name for himself,” head of the correction-officers union, Norman Seabrook, told the Post.

The embattled former IMF head — he resigned last night — is currently being held in isolation in Rikers Island prison, without bail. 

It’s a far cry from his (formerly) fabulous life >