French Radio: The Lawyers Were Surprised At How “Unattractive” The Maid Was


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Here’s an un-PC question: Could the chambermaid’s attractiveness factor into Dominique Strass-Kahn’s defence strategy?It’s unlikely, but you never know. The attractiveness of the other women he’s been involved with is obvious, and the new woman’s looks are already being discussed in France.

During a broadcast about DSK’s lawyers’ strategy, radio RMC in France said that when she (the Sofitel maid who claimed the IMF chief assaulted her) walked in to identify Strauss-Kahn in a line-up

lawyers were surprised at the appearance of the arrival of a young woman very unattractive.

Of course just because some unnamed “lawyers” were surprised, it doesn’t mean that DSK’s defence team is going to use it. His alibi thus far is that DSK was having lunch with his daughter, a student at Columbia, when the alleged assault took place. 

And aso far, only radio RMC in France has even suggested that the defence will question the maid’s motive.

A google translation of the RMC article says, “the defence focuses on personality and life of the alleged victim to try to prove she would have had a material interest to appear as such. The lawyers were surprised at the appearance of the arrival of a young woman very unattractive.”

When asked if “the lawyers” included DSK’s lawyers Benjamin Brafman and William Taylor, a spokesman for Brafman & Associates said, “no comment.” (They’re not commenting on much of anything at this point.)

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