DSK And His Wife Are Planning To Sue The French Magazine That Says She Dumped Him

DSK Anne Sinclair

Photo: Getty / Michael Nagle

Lawyers for Dominique Strauss Kahn and his wife Anne Sinclair have released a statement saying the pair are planning to sue the French magazine Closer, which yesterday published an “exclusive” report that said the couple were separating, AP reports.Closer’s report had cited no sources, but alleged that Sinclair — who had been remarkably loyal to DSK during his New York-rape accusation and subsequent scandals — had asked her husband of 20 years to leave a month ago.

The lawyers’ statement said that the pair had “decided to file suit against this publication for invasion of privacy”.

The AP notes that the statement made no mention of a separation — and it’s worth remembering that France has significantly different views on privacy than the US or UK, which is based on a single line in Article 9 of the Civil Code: “Everyone has the right to privacy.”

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