Drunk Alaskan Teen Goes On Car-Stealing Bender

Car Crash
Not the actual car he crashed.

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On Wednesday morning at around 7 AM, an Alaskan teenager decided it was prime time to have a few drinks and steal a few cars, Anchorage’s CBS affiliate reported.According to Corey Allen-Young of KTVA, the teen went outside to cars that owners had started to warm them up, got in, and drove off.

The first car he reportedly stole was a Dodge Stratus, which he promptly crashed into a nearby snow bank, either because he was drunk or because he was 14; it was possibly a combination of the two.

He got out unscathed and then found another idling car, a Mazda Tribute, which he then allegedly drove away in as well. These cars were not on the same street, but were actually in separate neighborhoods.

Ironically, the alleged 14-year-old thief was not the only party at fault in these situations.

KTVA notes that Anchorage law says it is illegal to leave a car running when it is not occupied as it increases the risk of theft. Since Alaska tends to be very cold during the winter, a major number of people break this law daily and are subject to a $50 fine.

Those that got their cars stolen probably wish they just had to pay a fine, but they will probably fastidiously obey this law in the future.

Check out the full report below (via KTVA):

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