The EpiPen isn’t the only drug that’s doubled in price over the past few years


Drug price increases — a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry — have come under much closer scrutiny over the past year.

Take Mylan, for example. The makers of the EpiPen came under fire in August from politicians and the public for its 500% increase since 2007 in the list price of the emergency allergy medication.

The focus on drug pricing — and in particular Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s plan, if elected, to institute a panel that would take on “unjustified” price hikes — prompted Morgan Stanley to issue a series of reports on how this policy would affect the pharmaceutical industry overall. Thursday’s report looks at what constitutes a “normal” or an “excessive” price hike by looking at the top 269 drugs price increases over the past seven years.

Morgan Stanley singled out the drugs that had increased more than 50% in price since 2009, and in particular those that have gone up at least 200%-400%, a group of drugs that haven’t received as much attention as the EpiPen or some of Valeant’s portfolio that’s been called out over the last year.

Of those 269 drugs, 117 have increased by 100% or more:

“The list of products taking cumulative price increases above 400% (11 products) is mostly made up of already highly scrutinised Valeant (5 drugs), Horizon Pharma (3 drugs),and Mylan (1 drug).

“Products with price increases between 200% and 400% (21 products) contains more recognisable company names including EliLilly (HumuLIN, Adcirca,and Cialis), Novo Nordisk (Vagifem, NovoLIN, and Levemir), Teva (Amrix), Sanofi (Renvela),and Pfizer (Viagra). ”

Here are all the different buckets:

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