Here's What Actors Are Actually Snorting, Smoking And Drinking In Films


While watching films such as “Scarface,” “Blow,” “Boogie Nights,” “Traffic” or “Pineapple Express,” do you ever wonder what the actors on-screen are actually snorting, smoking or drinking, take after take?Most of the time, it’s not the actual substances—unless your name is Nicolas Cage—who once told reporters he snorted doctor-approved cocaine to prepare for his role in “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans.”

Instead, Hollywood prop masters have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Often, actors are simply snorting ingredients usually used to bake a cake and special stores have devoted their business to legal, herbal bud used on film sets.

On Showtime’s “Weeds,” the herbal tobacco makes the actors feel a little lightheaded, says the show’s executive producer Roberto Benabib

“According to them, it gets them higher than regular marijuana. They end up smoking so much of it they get very lightheaded and they don’t like it. Sometimes they do take after take and you will see them getting woozy because it has a strange effect on them. But it’s totally legal and it is what we are supposed to use.”

Cocaine: the fake stuff.

Q&A site Quora posed this very question and received some revealing answers.

'The cocaine used throughout the shooting of the film was supposed to be dried milk, but that couldn't be used because it didn't fit well when the scene was shot,' according to IMDB. 'Director Brian De Palma refuses to admit what substance was ultimately used for cocaine out of fear that it would destroy the illusion of realism.'

'There is an urban legend that Al Pacino used real cocaine during 'Scarface,'' says editor Thomas Leupp. 'But that has never been confirmed.'

Also, Oliver Stone was fighting a cocaine addiction while he wrote the screenplay.

You don't say? Watch below.

According to IMDB, Woody Allen's character 'sneezing into the cocaine was an unscripted accident. When previewed, the audience laughed so loud that director Allen decided to leave it in, and had to add footage to compensate for people missing the next few jokes from laughing too much.'

Watch the famous scene below.

Cigarettes and marijuana: the fake stuff.

Cigarettes: Herbal cigarettes

'You can get herbal cigarettes made out of marshmallows and a bunch of different herbs,' says Jeff Butcher, cinematographer and prop master who worked with Mickey Rourke on 'The Wrestler.' 'But they don't have any nicotine.'

Cannabis: Herbal tobacco, Herbal Ecstasy, Wizard Weed

Herbal Ecstasy,' reveals Butcher, 'is an herb-based product that can be smoked or snorted. Wizard Weed is another product that can be used in place of marijuana. You can roll it into joints and put it into bags. And it definitely doesn't get you high.'

Thomas Leupp, editor at, adds 'Some prop masters order buds and joints from International Oddities, which sells a variety of fake marijuana products.'

Alcohol: the fake stuff.

The real deal: Daniel Radcliffe, Pat Sajak, Martin Sheen, Joaquin Phoenix, Nic Cage.

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