Drug Smugglers Accidentally Sent $10 Million Worth Of Cocaine In Banana Boxes To Supermarkets

Banana Getty/Stephen Pond

The next time Australia Post loses your mail, just be glad you’re not a drug mule in a European smuggling cartel.

In what must be the world’s worst case of a misplaced delivery, five supermarkets in Berlin were sent seven banana crates packed with 140kg of cocaine, which shop staff discovered on Monday as they went to unpack the boxes.

According to the Reuters story on the ABC website , police described the incident as a “logistical error” by the drug smugglers. The cocaine has an estimated street value of $9.1 million (6 million euro.

The cartons came by ship from Columbia to Hamburg, then to a wholesaler in Berlin as part of a 1,134 box consignment. Police have no idea who was behind the smuggling operation, but you can imagine that right now, there’s a seriously cranky drug lord wondering where he left his stash.

He’s probably complaining about the lines in supermarkets too.

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