Drug Capitals Of The World

Afghanistan, which produces 90% of the world’s heroin, as well as the largest share of cannabis resin, could stake a claim to being the “drug capital of the world”. But, in reality, there are many “drug capitals”, depending on whether we are speaking about drug consumption, or drug production.

Naturally, most of the poison is consumed in richer nations, whereas it is produced in poorer countries. The picture, however, is complicated and ever-changing and the most recent report on the drug trade from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said there was an increase in drug abuse in developing countries. It highlighted a boom in heroin consumption in Eastern Africa, a rise of cocaine use in both West Africa and South America, and a surge in the production and abuse of synthetic drugs in the Middle East, as well as South East Asia.

UN Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa said: “We will not solve the world drugs problem by shifting consumption from the developed to the developing world. While rich people in rich countries can afford treatment, poor countries can’t absorb the consequences of increased drug use. The developing world faces a looming crisis that would enslave millions to the misery of drug dependence.”

There was more positive news in the fact that opium cultivation has declined in Afghanistan, and coca production in the Andean countries has dropped by 28% in the last decade. But this does not necessarily mean fewer drugs are being consumed and the UN report said drug use had stabilised in the developed world.

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