Drudge Calls Hillary 'President Clinton' While Obama Skips Meetings With World Leaders

The Drudge Report, as it so often does, finds a creative way to slam President Barack Obama for not meeting with any world leaders at the United Nations this week. 

Here’s what’s running as the main banner on Drudge Thursday morning:

Drudge President Clinton Obama

Photo: DrudgeReport.com

Obama has taken some heat for not meeting with any other countries’ leaders this week at the UN, though he did give a speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday

He has left the meetings to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will have a high-profile meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today. Clinton has also met with Presidents Mohammed Morsi of Egypt, Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan and Mohamed Magariaf of Libya.

Obama, meanwhile, is back on the campaign trail in Virginia Beach, Va., today. 

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