Drudge Fights Back Against The Charge He Is In Romney’s Pocket

On the top right corner of the Drudge Report, the master of the news-cycle links to a story from Politico in which former Senator Fred Thompson alleges Drudge is in Romney’s pocket. 

And just below that link are a few fun emoticons linking to past Drudge front-pages showing positive stories on Gingrich’s campaign. 

Matt Drudge Tweak

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 People may remember that last week, the Drudge Report looked like a wide open opposition research file on Gingrich. There was an increased chatter among politicos that Drudge was in the tank for Romney. 

And frankly, this “defence”, doesn’t really hold up. Linking to reporting about positive and widely-reported results for Gingrich isn’t the same as giving prominent Drudge-space to almost a dozen harder-to-find stories about Gingrich’s past.  

But this is a rare and stunning development.  Drudge rarely if ever defends the way he curates news.

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