DRUDGE: '48 hours of madness' coming after FBI announcement stirs the 'hornets nest'

Internet news mogul Matt Drudge reacted on Sunday to news the FBI had cleared Hillary Clinton by forecasting that a stormy news cycle would dominate the final days of the presidential race.

“Comey’s head-fake just made the hornets nest even crazier!” the Drudge Report founder tweeted.

The conservative news aggregator added: “48 hours of madness upcoming!!”

It was not clear to what Drudge was referring, but the Clinton campaign warned on Sunday that any bombshell emails published by WikiLeaks in the final two days of the election would “probably” not be authentic.

FBI Director James Comey informed Congress on Sunday that a review of new emails found in relation to the bureau’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server had not yielded any reason for charges against the Democratic presidential nominee.

Drudge has been a fierce Trump supporter throughout the 2016 campaign cycle. Shortly after the FBI announcement, a headline on his website read: “CONFUSED COMEY CLEARS HER AGAIN!”

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