660,000 People In China Have Been Living With Almost No Water For Four Years

Some 660,000 people in China’s Yunnan, Gansu and Hebei provinces have been impacted by a severe drought, according to China Daily. 

The drought has affected 18.47 million mu (approx. 3 million acres) of farmland and has created a shortage of drinking water.

This is the fourth-year in a row that Yunnan has faced such a severe drought.

CCTV news spoke with villagers in Yuanmou County who said they last had rain four months ago. To cope, the villagers walk nearly 2 miles to get a bucket of water and have to make the trip up to three or four times a day, to get enough water to last them through just one day. The villagers told CCTV they have had to walk this distance to get water, for three years now. 

China drought

[credit provider=”Reuters” url=”http://pictures.reuters.com/C.aspx?VP3=SearchResult_VPage&VBID=2C04WNVJSAJNS&SMLS=1&RW=1616&RH=8″]

A farmer walks past a dried up pond in Shilin Yi, in China’s Yunnan province.

China drought yunnan province

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A farmer leads his water buffalo to a partially dried up water body in Shilin Yi, China’s Yunnan province.

Watch CCTV’s report on the drought: