Dropcam founder calls his decision to sell to Google for $US555 million 'a mistake'

Greg Duffy, the founder of smart camera company Dropcam, says that it was his mistake to sell his company to Google and the smart thermostat company Nest for $US555 million in June 2014.

Duffy’s regret comes in response to a blistering quote from Nest CEO Tony Fadell, who told The Information as part of a lengthy Nest expose that “A lot of the [Dropcam] employees were not as good as we hoped…unfortunately it wasn’t a very experienced team.”

The Information centres around Nest’s recent product and management struggles, including several delayed launches.

Duffy calls Fadell’s jab “blatant scapegoating” and “insulting to the team.”

“Just before we were acquired, Dropcam was in the middle of a record year of sales, had a 4.5-star bestselling camera on Amazon, was rolling into large brick-and-mortar retailers with huge merchandising support, had innovative new products imminently launching, still had most of its financing in the bank, and our investors and team actively didn’t want to sell (it was my mistake to sell  —  but that’s a story for another day).”

You can read Duffy’s entire response to Fadell here.

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