Behind The Scenes At Dropbox, Where Work Happens Between Band Practice, Boot Camp, And Scooter Races

Cloud storage company Dropbox recently moved its headquarters to the China Basin district of San Francisco.

The 85,000-square-foot space houses around 700 employees, all sitting in an open floor plan with giant windows overlooking the San Francisco Bay and AT&T Park, home of the Giants baseball team.

We went on a tour of the new headquarters on a quiet Friday morning.

The first thing we noticed when we got there were the scooters. The space is so huge that people often take one to get from one meeting to another.

And they're not just for show. We saw several people actually riding those things around.

Different variations of the company's T-shirts are lined up in chronological order.

The T-shirts are so popular, someone once mistook Dropbox for a T-shirt company.

Dropbox employs some amazing artists. This is just one of many examples of doodles we saw drawn on various white boards and chalkboards.

This is where the 'Black Ops' team sits. They're in charge of branding and many of the illustrations on the walls.

For example, the Black Ops team created this poster for Foundation Week, which is an annual review of the code base to make sure it's working efficiently.

Dropbox has a gym in the middle of the office. Employees can take advantage of fitness classes and boot camps. It can get pretty crowded in there sometimes.

And after visiting the cafeteria, called the Tuckshop, it's easy to see why.

Executive Chef Brian Mattingly, who's worked at Google, Apple, and Michelin Star restaurants, and his team never make the same meals twice.

If they're not too hungry, employees can also just grab a drink or a snack from one of several snack refrigerators sprinkled throughout the office.

There's plenty of snacks to go around.

The Tuckshop is also where employees have all-hands meetings.

Of course, meetings aren't the only thing that happen in the Tuckshop. The World Cup was playing on the big screen when we were there.

You'll notice that most of the books on the bookshelf are 'Dropbox' blue.

There's a band room, called The Mint, after a famous karaoke bar in San Francisco. Dropbox founder Drew Houston plays guitar and was in a band at MIT.

Some employees have decided to start a Motown band, called the Syncopations. (Get it? 'Sync.')

But there's also work to be done. There are several conference rooms throughout the office, each with a cool name. The names all have back stories.

These QR codes near the conference rooms tell you the story of where the room got its name.

Not all the conference rooms are serious business, though. This one has Lego bricks for employees to play with.

If employees need an adaptor or a cord, they don't have to bother the IT department. They just go to one of these vending machines and use their badge to get what they need, from keyboards to earbuds.

Here's one team hard at work. One of Dropbox's mottos is 'it just works.'

See? This neon sign reminds everyone of the motto.

These balloons can be found tied to desks all over the office. The silver balloons go to interns and serve as conversation starters for other employees.

And new employees get green balloons.

There's a new program called 'Lunch Box' that pairs employees with another random Dropbox employee so that you meet new people. It works off an algorithm.

Here's one way of getting organised.

We didn't see a ping-pong table or a foosball table while we were there. But who needs that when you have a view such as this one?

And AT&T Park, which is the home of the San Francisco Giants, is so close you can almost touch it.

There's a lot of art on the walls at Dropbox. Here's just a portion of one mural.

And here's another one.

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