Dropbox Just Added A Must-Have Feature If You Like To Take A Lot Of iPhone Photos

dropbox ios photo upload update

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Dropbox updated its iPhone and iPad app Thursday with a new feature that will automatically upload photos your photos to your account.If you enable the feature, Dropbox will create a special “Camera Uploads” folder in your account. That’s where you’ll find all your photos. 

Think of it as an alternative to Apple’s Photo Stream in iOS. In fact, Dropbox’s photo upload feature could be better for some users. You won’t have to worry about eating up your free 5 GB of iCloud space that Apple gives everyone with an Apple ID.

Both Dropbox and Apple start you off with 5 GB of free storage, but chances are you’re going to use a lot of your iCloud space to back up your iPhone or iPad. This new Dropbox feature will let you dedicate your account to photos.

You can get the Dropbox update in the App Store.

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