Can you really kill someone by dropping a penny off the Empire State Building?

According to myth, a penny dropped from the Empire State Building can kill someone below.

But is it true?

Mythbusters tested it out. They made a gun that can fire a penny at 64.4 miles per hour — the same speed at which a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building would hit the ground at.

They launched it into a ballistics dummy and found that it only caused a little damage. Then, they shot each other with the gun, and while it stung, it didn’t really do any harm — certainly not enough to kill someone.

Apparently the myth is simply not true. A penny just can’t gather enough velocity from the top of the Empire State Building to do any real harm.

Footage was proved by “Mythbusters”, which airs on The Science Channel. To celebrate the show’s final season, they will be airing every single episode in a row starting at midnight on December 23rd.

Story by Jacob Shamsian and editing by Stephen Parkhurst