The Best Drone Photos Of 2014

Aerial photo-sharing website Dronestagram announced the winners of its 2014 Drone Photo Contest.

The winning photographs show a stunning birds-eye view of an eagle’s flight in an Indonesian national park, a beautiful waterfall in Tamul, Mexico, a quaint village commune in France, and a fireworks celebration far above a Bulgarian football stadium.

Prizes ranged from new GoPro cameras and drones all the way up to a publishing opportunity in National Geographic’s French edition.

3rd Prize Winner of Popular Vote: This photo of a fireworks display above a Bulgarian football stadium was taken during the 100th anniversary of a popular match.

2nd Price Winner of Popular Vote: This drone photo captures the lovely commune of Sanary Sur Mer in southeastern France.

1st Price Winner of Popular Vote: This aerial view of a 105 foot waterfall was taken with a Go Pro Hero 3 camera in Tamul, Mexico.

3rd Prize Winner: This photo shows the quaint commune of Annecy, France.

2nd Price: This drone photo was taken using a GoPro Hero 3 in a village park in Manilla, Philippines.

1st Prize Winner: This birds-eye view of an eagle soaring above Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia, was captured using a GoPro Hero 2. The photo will be featured in National Geographic's French edition.

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