DroneShield has just sold a DroneGun to the military of a G7 country

Picture: DroneShield/ Supplied.

ASX-listed company DroneShield has just got an order for one of its DroneGun jammers to be tested in the Middle East.

A short time ago, DroneShield shares were up 2.9% to $0.35.

The drone protection company wouldn’t release the name of the buyer, other than to say it was a G7 country (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US).

“It is understood that the DroneGun will be deployed for testing in the Middle East,” the company announced.

“While the fact that the sale involved only one test unit means that the revenue from the sale is not material, the sale is important in that this is the first sale of DroneGun to the military of a G7 country.”

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