DroneShield has been recognised by NATO, and its shares are rallying

Picture: DroneShield/ Supplied.

ASX-listed DroneShield, the maker of a gun to turn back unwanted drones, has just got a stamp of approval from NATO, the military alliance between North American and European countries.

Its DroneGun MKII product has been assigned a NATO Stock Number, a 13-digit numeric code.

This allows for any of the 29 NATO militaries to purchase DroneGun MKII on a “military catalogue” basis, significantly simplifying the procurement process.

DroneShield says the number was assigned following a request from the United States Department of Defense.

A short time ago, DroneShield shares were up almost 7% to $0.23.

The company uses acoustic recognition to detect drones and warn of their approach from up to kilometre away.

Its DroneGun, using jamming technology, sends the offending drone straight back to its owner.

Image: Supplied

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