DroneShield just launched a 1.25kg book-sized drone detector

Picture: DroneShield/ Supplied.

DroneShield’s latest product in drone detection weighs just 1.25kg and is the size of a paperback book.

The portable and mobile radar RadarZero can detect drones up to 750 metres away. DroneShield says it’s particularly suitable for tactical deployments and is a fraction of the cost of larger, longer-range and more conventional radars.

It told the market the new product (at 20cm x 16cm) complements its existing RadarOne product to extend the range of detection, and as part of its detection and mitigation platforms.

Or put three together and you’ve got complete coverage, with each covering a 120-degree radius.

Investing.comDroneShield (DRO) share price movement over the past month.

Shares (ASX:DRO) in the company were buoyed on the latest release, trading up 5 per cent at 22c.

And you can get your hands on a RadarZero straight away – the company told shareholders it’s ready now.

Earlier this month the company announced it was going ahead on its tender with the Paraguay government after the deal was okay’d by the US government. The deal is DroneShield’s first South American tender.

The portable radar comes after the company released their DroneGun Tactical in late January, a drone jammer with military-grade specifications that eliminates the need to carry a backpack to operate it like their previous DroneGun MKII.

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