Drone footage over the streets of NYC at night will dazzle you

New york from aboveVincent Laforet/NimiaVincent Laforet captures the stunning footage from 7,000 foot above Manhattan.

It’s hard to find new ways to capture one of the most photographed and videoed cities on earth, but that’s exactly what one Manhattan-based artist has managed to do with this stunning 4k footage.

Pulitzer Prize winning film maker and photographer, Vincent Laforet, flies 7,000 foot above NYC and captures footage of the city like never before. He manages to make the city seem so calm that it’s hard to imagine 8 million people living below.

This particular footage is the latest instalment (the first in 4k) of the photographer’s AIR project, which aims to highlight one simple statement: “The world is much smaller than we think.”

In the video, Laforet, who started his career as a photography intern for Reuters, explains: “AIR started off as an editorial assignment. It was about psychology and I said, ‘well why not go up really high and photograph Manhattan and the streets from a high altitude because they look like a computer chip or human brain synapses.'”

However, what started as an editorial assignment has now become a viral sensation with over 40 million views. Laforet says that for just one moment, he wants the viewer to feel more connected to someone they have yet to meet.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that New York City has never before looked this beautiful.

You can view more of Laforet’s work, which includes aerial views of cities around the world, on the AIR website.

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