A Lot Of People Received Drones For Christmas, And A Lot Of People Majorly Failed To Fly Them

Personal drones were a popular Christmas gift this year, but many of their recipients failed to fly their new toys successfully.

Occassionally, personal drones and their owners’ steep learning curves have caused the flying contraptions to spin out of control and break things or injure people.

A woman in Florida was recently injured when a drone crashed into her, Bloomberg reports. Another drone crashed near a TGI Fridays and hit a man in the nose.

Incidents involving drones have increased to 40 per month, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Despite their shakey fliers, drones few off the shelves in December. Amazon alone is selling 10,000 drones per month, according to Bloomberg’s sources.

So, just how bad were the Christmas drone fails? Here are a few of the best from around the web, which were discovered by EpochTimesGizmodo and The Verge:

This person, for example, flew a drone into his stomach:

A few months ago, this guy tried to get fancy with his drone and fly it over a basketball hoop as he was dunking. It was an expensive mistake.

This man promptly flew his drone over his fence.

This dad got his drone stuck in a very tall tree.

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