A drone crashed trying to film Apple's spaceship campus, and another drone found it on the roof

No-fly zone, for some? Photo: Getty Images
  • Operator was trying to film inside Apple Park.
  • Says there were no signs his drone was about to fail.
  • Apple yet to respond to retrieval request.

Did a drone simply fail trying to get footage inside Apple Park, or is Apple putting up the shutters on unwanted invaders?

Matthew Roberts, who has been filming the progress of Apple’s $US5 billion campus for nearly two years, got an unusual request to send his drone over the park again last week.

Not from Apple, though. It was from an operator whose drone failed just as it was about to breach the ring of the campus:

Roberts said the owner told him there were “no signs of premature failure”, and asked if Roberts might help him locate his drone.

Nothing simpler:

The drone was wedged between two solar panels:

Picture: Matthew Roberts/YouTube

And as far as its owner knows, it’s still there. The operator has told Apple what happened but is yet to get his drone back.

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